Cost Too High?

If you would like to receive a share, but are unable to pay the full cost of $25 per week, we offer subsidized shares for $10 per week for large and $5 per week of not-so-large shares.

You can fill out the web form (in the MEMBERSHIP FORMS tab) and select “If these payment options do not suit you, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you” when you get to payment options. Or you can print this form, SubsidizedShareSignupform2015, and send it in by mail.

To qualify for a subsidized share, just show us your SNAP card. If you do not receive SNAP, but need a subsidized share, send a note to or mail to Lexington Fresh Stop, 171 Market St., Lexington, KY 40507 and tell us about your circumstances so we can approve your subsidized share. This note and your payment information are confidential.

Subsidized shares are available on a first come, first serve basis; we will email (or call you if you don’t have email) once we approve your share. We ask that you pay a $10 sign-up fee to confirm your subsidized share enrollment. You can then either pay in full up front with cash or check for the entire season, pay weekly by mail or pay when you pick up your produce. We cannot accept SNAP as payment at this time.

Deadline Postponed!

Originally, the prices all went up by $15 after May 1st. We have decided to postpone that deadline until May 15th. You can still register after May 15th if there is space, but it will cost $15 more. (For example, the large 20-week share is $485, but goes up to $500 after May 15th.)

Register Now for the 2015 Season

Click on the MEMBERSHIP FORMS tab at the top of this page to register electronically or to print the pdf form and mail it in. Email with any questions.

Last Season Included

Click the link below to see a list of what produce was included each week last season (2014). This list might give you a rough idea of the number and variety of what to expect this season.

List of what was included each week for shares last season.

2015 Season

The 2015 Fresh Stop Lexington CSA season will have the same price structure as last year — $485 for a large 20-week share, $300 for a not-so-large 20-week share, $285 for a large 10-week share and $175 for a not-so-large 10-week share. The 20-week season will last from the weekend of June 6/7 until October 17/18. The 10-week shares can be the first half of the season, June 6/7 – August 8/9, or the second half, August 15/16 – October 17/18. Prices go up by $15 after if you register after May 1st.


Keeping Your CSA Produce Fresh

Keeping Your CSA Produce Fresh

Here’s a great blog post with tips on how to keep fruit and veggies from going bad for a little longer.


Community Supported Agriculture!

Community Supported Agriculture!

Last chance to get in on the goods, i.e. supporting your local farmer, eating great food all summer long, and getting involved in supporting people in your community. The more people that join the bigger a difference we can make!